Oakville Pump Service works in conjunction with certified state labs to provide our customers with complete water sampling and testing services.

Whether you are a potential property buyer, a homeowner that wants to ensure safe water or your water sampling and testing requirements are mandated by county & state requirements, OPS can help! 

Sampling for Bacteriological Contamination

Sampling for Bacteriological Contamination

Water Testing Services

OPS in conjunction with several trusted labs, has developed several testing suites that cover the contaminants of concern.

Potability  This test determines the presence of total coliform or E. Coli in the water supply and must be taken in a sterile fashion and delivered to the laboratory within certain time and handling constraints.

OPS Basic Suite    Suitable for a homeowner that wants a basic understanding of their water quality the tests include Iron, Manganese, Silica, Hardness, pH, TDS & Turbidity.

Ag Suitability Suite. This takes a closer look at those constituents that can impair various forms of agriculture. This is chosen by vineyard management companies and by those looking at purchasing property for the express purpose of developing its agricultural potential.

Well-Check. This package looks at a large number of bacteriological, metallic or inorganic contaminates.

Water-Check. This package looks at at bacteriological, metallic, inorganic & organic contaminates.

Water-Check + pesticides. This is the most complete water analysis package available. 

For testing costs and turnaround times or specific water tests, please contact us!

Contaminate Types & Maximum Contaminate Levels

Water contamination can come in many forms. Please refer to these links to help you understand the various types of contamination, the health effects, causes and maximum contaminant levels associated with the various contaminants. 

Microbiological Contaminants                    Organic Contaminates

Inorganic Contaminates                    Radioactive Contaminates

Disinfection Contaminates (Contaminates that result from the type or quantity of disinfection used)

Public Water System Sampling Requirements

Community                    Non Transient, Non Community

Transient, Non Community                          State Small