Why is my water pressure so low?

Where your water comes from and how it gets to your house has a lot to do with how much water pressure you have in your home. In this post we’ll briefly look at the various causes of water pressure problems in the Napa Valley and how to best address these issues

1. You may be connected to a city water supply that does not have pressure that is high enough for your household needs. Water pressure from city water supplies can often vary depending on daily demand or if your home is elevated above town. You can contact the city to discuss your problem, or install a pressure boosting system if the city is unable to increase your water pressure to acceptable levels.

2. The piping supplying water to your house may be too small, a valve may be partially closed or your piping may have iron/mineral deposits inside which present a significant restriction to the flow of water. If any of these are the problem your water will usually have very good flow and pressure for the first second then quickly taper off. The solution can be as simple as opening a valve or as complex as cleaning the deposits and scale from your existing piping or replacing/increasing the size of your supply piping.

3. If you have your own well and pump then the pressure could be low for one of several reasons. Your well or booster pump could be worn and in need of repair/replacement. The pressure switch that controls how much pressure you have is not adjusted or functioning properly and needs to be repaired. Last, but not least, your well may not be yielding enough water to supply your needs and a storage tank is required.

4. If your water is supplied from a storage tank above your house and uses gravity to supply water pressure, the amount of pressure is proportional to the height of the water tank above your house. To increase water pressure in this situation requires moving the water tank to a higher elevation or installing a pressure boosting pump.

5. Many homes have water supplied through a water filter. Water filters can become plugged/occluded with particulate matter or mineral scale and this can result in low water pressure in the house. Water filter equipment needs to be serviced, cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to ensure proper flow and pressure of pure, clean water. If you have low water pressure, your water filter should be one of the first things you check!

If you have low water pressure in the Napa Valley and want one of our qualified and trained professionals to help you diagnose and resolve the problem, call Oakville Pump Service at (707)944-2471. We can evaluate your well or city water supply, storage tank and water filters system and suggest the best solution to your water pressure problem.