Water Filtration for water that smells like rotten eggs.

The most likely reason that your water smells like rotten eggs because it contains a gas called Hydrogen Sulfide which produces a strong and unpleasant sulfur odor.

Hydrogen Sulfide is a potentially problematic gas that can be harmful if it is released in an enclosed environment that humans regularly occupy. Hydrogen Sulfide is relatively common in well water, however, it can be readily removed by a few methods:

1. Air Stripping. Bubbling air through water containing hydrogen sulfide will remove the hydrogen sulfide present over a period of time. Many times filling a storage tank by spraying the water to aerate it before it collects will remove most of the Hydrogen sulfide. There are also filter systems that utilize this methodology.

2. Ozone Stripping. Ozone (O3) can be mixed with water to remove hydrogen sulfide very rapidly in a manner similar to air stripping.

3. Adding a polymer to convert the Hydrogen Sulfide to a form that can then be filtered out. This technique usually involves very expensive 'patented' polymers that are not always effective and are usually very expensive to install.

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