Is it time to upgrade my water filter system?

It’s one of those things in your garage or utility room that gathers dust and is forgotten in the corner. Perhaps it beeps occasionally or a serviceman shows up to work his magic, but, for the most part it is out of sight and out of mind. With the recent issues with water quality in Flint, Michigan many people are asking, “Is my water filter really providing clean water? Is it time to do something different or better with my water filter system?” With those questions in mind, this blog will discuss several potential reasons to investigate or upgrade your water treatment equipment.

 Addressing New Water Contamination Concerns

People want and expect better water quality today than they did in the past. With education and awareness increasing about the potential contaminates in water, many people are frequently interested in ensuring the water for their family is as clean as it can be. Our customers are asking intelligent questions about Lead or Arsenic in their drinking water and some are concerned about organic chemicals, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. As our customers learn more, they understand that water filtration processes are specifically designed to remove specific contaminates. For example, a water softener can remove Calcium and Magnesium along with minor amounts of Iron or Manganese, but water softeners can’t remove chlorine or bacteria from a water supply, or deal with smell, taste, Lead, Arsenic, pesticides or pH problems. To really get water filtration right, you need to understand what potential contaminates are in your water and then select filtration equipment that is specifically designed to reliably remove those contaminates. That’s where Oakville Pump Service can help you select the water filtration equipment for your Napa Valley home. At OPS our WQA certified experts always start with a water sample to analyze and understand the contaminates present in your water so that the correct filter equipment is installed. Not only does testing the water help us select the best equipment, it helps us to confirm that the equipment is effective in its function after installation. 

 Improving Technologies

Technologies for water filtration are constantly improving allowing filters to remove potential contaminates more cheaply and efficiently. A 20-year-old water softener may still be working, but it may use twice the salt to regenerate that a new high efficiency unit would use! The same is true for Reverse Osmosis equipment. Newer membranes and technologies decrease energy use, maintenance and water waste while improving water output quantity and quality. If you have an older water filter system and suspect you could save on energy, maintenance or improve the water quality with an update, give us a call at Oakville Pump Service so we can help you understand the options available to you.

 Water Quality Can Change Over Time

Another reason to update water filtration equipment is because water quality changes! Many of our customers that have wells and springs experience changes in water quality over time from their water source. Some changes in water quality are seasonal and some correlate with geologic events (earthquakes) while other changes correlate to aging wells or changes in the water table. These changes in water quality can be addressed in several ways such as adjusting/updating the filter equipment along with cleaning and refurbishing your well or spring. Oakville Pump Service can help you keep on top of changing water quality issues to ensure clean water for your needs.

 Whether or not you need to update your filter equipment, it is always a good idea to ensure the filter equipment you do have is in working order and performing at its very best. If you suspect your filter equipment has been sitting unattended for too long and want to ensure it is doing its best, contact Oakville Pump Service (707) 944-2471 to have it inspected and serviced on a regular basis!