How Long Should My Sump Pump Last In Napa Valley?

If you use a sump pump, you may wonder how long it will serve you and your property. The last thing you want is a sump pump problem that leads to leaks and other, larger problems. In order to avoid this, you need to know what to expect from your setup. Oakville Pump Service Inc. provides a series of pump services in Napa County, including the installation and replacement of sump pumps. In terms of your current pump though, here is what you should expect. 

Ideal Length of Time

The ideal length of time for your sump pump and the actual length of time are not always the same thing. In an ideal world, your sump pump will last many years, perhaps as long as 7 or 8 years. With that said, the ideal length of time is not always met.

Common sump pump problems

For starters, if your sump pump keeps a critical area from flooding, you need to have the sump pump and the float switches that control it inspected annually. The sump pump should be removed and the pit and pump checked to ensure that there is no debris that could potentially plug or block the pump’s operation. In some cases the elelctrical cables are old and cracked or the float switches are worn out. In other cases corrosion has damaged fasteners or other components critical to proper operation. By performing or having Oakville Pump Service perform an annual inspection you'll know what's going on and if repairs need to be made. We service and repair sump pumps all over the Napa Valley from Napa, to Calistoga including St. Helena, Angwin and Pope Valley.

Additionally, you may run into problems if the pump is not installed correctly. If the original installation service provider did not do a correct job, it increases the chance of the pump failing in a critical situation. That is why it is important to always hire a professional service provider who knows how to install pumps correctly. 

If you have questions about sump pumps or are in need of a pump service in Napa County, contact Oakville Pump Service Inc. today.