Well Water Treatment Systems Can Remove Iron and Manganese common in the Napa Valley

If you're receiving your water from a private pump or another local water source, there's a good chance it could have high levels iron or manganese.  These metals are naturally occurring and have a tendency to make it into groundwater. Well water treatment systems can help mitigate the problems associated with high levels of these minerals

In this blog, our team at Oakville Pump Service Inc. team wanted to talk a little about the problems associated with iron and manganese in home water supplies, and why treatment systems are a good idea.

How do I know if I have high levels of Iron or Manganese and how do they get in my water?

Iron and manganese tend to occur most often in wells which have been dug in areas where the geologic materials contain these minerals. 

As far as effects on the human body, iron, and manganese are interesting in that they are both needed in some quantities in a healthy human body, but more isn’t necessarily better. The primary reason people want to remove Iron and Manganese is because of the taste and staining that occur which can be difficult to clean. Iron stains are orange-brown - like rust - and manganese stains are black.  In higher quantities, they can visibly tint water as well.

Unwelcome Companion

In many cases customers in the Napa Valley located in Angwin, Pope Valley, Calistoga, St. Helena and other parts of the Napa Valley not only have Iron and Manganese in their water, but an unpleasant sulfur (rotten egg) odor which comes from hydrogen sulfide gas that is dissolved in the water. This smell is often strongest when using hot water or in the shower where the water is misted.

Get Your Well Tested

If this describes your water, you should have it tested to check for iron and manganese and, if present, at what levels.

The good news here is that both iron and manganese can be filtered out with the proper water treatment system.  It isn’t as simple as just clicking a button to order an “iron & manganese filter”. It is important to know the water chemistry before deciding on a course of treatment. It is also imperitive to know important information such as where the filter equipment will be located, the amount of water the well can supply as well as the size of the house so that the proper type and size of filtration equipment can be selected for your application.

Filters are not the only answer

In some cases high levels of Iron and Manganese deposit inside of your well and start plugging or blocking the well screen where water comes into the well. This blockage can result in less and less water available for use from your well. Oakville Pump Service has experience in successfully cleaning wells blocked with Iron and Manganese deposits to restore well productivity.

Protect Your Well Water with Oakville Pump Service

OPS has developed a special filtration system for dealing with high levels of Iron & Manganese, the sulphur smells, and adjusts the water pH to acceptable levels. We work to install pumps and filtration systems that make well water both safe and pleasant to enjoy!  Contact us to schedule a water test or meet with a water treatment specialist!