Liquid or Slurry? Which pump should you use?

When you need to install a pump on your property, there are several things that must be taken into consideration. Pumps can handle a wide variety of materials. There are pumps that can move water, oil, slurry, and any number of other substances. It's important that you choose the right type and size of pump so you are able to accomplish your goals quickly and efficiently. A Solano County pump service like Oakville Pump Service can help you choose the right pump for your job.

What Is the Purpose of the Pump?

The pump's overall purpose will determine both the type and size you need. Do you need to be able to control the flow or adjust its pressure? What volume of material are you trying to move and how do you intend to power the pump? These questions will determine the best pump for the job. The type of material being moved will also determine what type of pump will work best. Fluids and slurries work best when specific types of pumps are used that maintain appropriate pressure and account for viscosity.

Liquid or Slurry?

Water, oils and other fluids move easily through pumps, but each one requires a special type of pump. Slurry or slurry-type mediums are thicker and move much more slowly. Each type of material requires a pump that is capable of handling the volume and consistency of the material at hand. Many types of materials require a pressurized system to make sure the material continues to flow smoothly and evenly, without disruption.

Different Mediums

Slurry is a thicker medium. Unlike straight fluids, the slurry can contain chunks of material that make it difficult for the medium to pass easily through the pump's system. In some cases, the slurry can be abrasive, damaging the lining of the pipes it flows through. Chemicals are also a medium that requires special attention. Chemicals that are corrosive can break down certain metals and rubber components that can lead to environmental concerns.

For Pump Services in Solano County

When you have questions or concerns about a pump or what it can handle, you need to contact a reputable Solano County pump service. The staff at Oakville Pump Service has years of experience dealing with many different types of pumps. They can answer your questions and make sure you have the right pump for your specific needs.