How can I reduce the cost of my well pump replacement or well pump service call?

The cost of the repairs to your well pump equipment depends on several key factors.

1) What heavy equipment is necessary for the repairs, such as a pump derrick or crane? If it is a shallow well, often the pump can be removed from the well by hand, but deeper wells will require the use of a pump rig to remove the submersible well pump from the well. The use of this equipment can add to the cost of well pump repairs.

2) Access to your well pump site is of critical importance! If your well is located in a muddy field or if fences or buildings block or cover access to the well, additional time and expense will be incurred. If you can ensure that the well pump equipment is easily accessible so the technician doesn’t need to spend time (and your money) removing furniture from your pump shed, or clearing small trees or branches to access the well site you save money!

3) The materials required for the repair such as a pump, motor, wire or pipe. Odds are that not all the components in the well failed at the same time. Often the pipe can be re-used, or the wire. Frequently the pump or motor just need to be replaced and the other components can be re-utilized. At Oakville Pump, we will discuss the options that ensure optimal service life and that fit within your budget.

4) The amount of time required to troubleshoot, obtain components and effect the necessary repairs is a key factor in repair costs. While it isn’t possible for you to “speed up” a repair technician. The best way to reduce the cost of a service call or equipment replacement is for you to have as much information available when you call for a service technician. The more information you can provide, the faster it is to troubleshoot and bring the proper materials for repairs, reducing travel time and number of trips required to effect a repair. Describe the problem in detail with information on when the problem started, what you have done to correct the problem and if there was any recent occurrence that coincided with the problem such as a power outage, work on your water pipes or electrical system in your home. It is extremely helpful for homeowners to keep following information in their records: pump model, pump depth, size & type of pipe, size of wire, depth to water, well casing type and diameter, drillers report. It is also important to know where your circuit breakers are that supply power to your well pump equipment. This information is always important to have in a file folder marked “water system” and it is especially vital if you are calling a company that you have not done business with before.

If you want to reduce the cost of ownership of your system, make sure you are putting quality materials in your well that have been appropriately selected for your application. A pump from your local hardware store that looks like a great deal, often looks less like a good deal when it fails in short order or uses twice as much electricity as the correctly sized submersible well pump. Using the wrong size wire or wrong type of well pump can result in increased energy consumption or shortened lifespan of the equipment. Properly selected and installed components will last longer and provide a much lower cost of ownership by reducing maintenance, energy use and hassle! Oakville Pump Service offers high quality, efficient pumps from Franklin Electric, Goulds and Grundfos.