OPS has multiple certified water system operators on staff. Our operators are not only highly trained pump, water treatment and water system technicians; many hold techical degrees that give them a top level proficiency in their respective field. Each of our operators and technicians participate in continuing education to ensure they are on the leading edge of water technology and regulations.

OPS can help your regulated water system apply for your water system permit, amend existing permits and generate other regulatory documentation necessary including: Bacteriological Sample Siting Plan, Consumer Confidence Reports, Emergency Notification Plan, & Source Chemical Sampling.

OPS currently provides water system management & operation services to more than 25 public water systems in the Napa & Sonoma Counties. This collaboration results in a water system that the water meets the stringent requirements set forth by regulators while also providing affordable water rates. The water systems that OPS helps manage and maintain have the lowest water rates in the region!

If you need solutions for your county or state regulated water system, we can help!


OPS offers our extensive technical & management background in working with water systems & water boards all over the Napa and Sonoma Counties. We help provide simple phased approaches to problems that include:

  • Bringing all water sampling and testing up to date.
  • Fulfilling the Electronic Annual Report to the Drinking Water Program (eARDWP) filing requirements requirements for Public Water Systems. 
  • Rectifying system deficiencies brought up in  annual system inspections
  • Helping water systems apply for and amend their operating permits
  • Generation of Consumer Confidence Reports
  • Communication with regulatory agencies to resolve compliance issues. 
  • Updating equipment to save energy and reduce maintenance costs
  • Providing certified distribution & treatment operators for system checks and routine operation requirements
  • Online water system monitoring/alarming/water usage data.
  • Treatment modification to help with Lead & Copper, Bacterial Contamination, Disinfection Byproducts & other critical water quality factors.
  • Coordinate routine water sampling schedules, develop sample site plans and install proper water sampling ports to eliminate sampling error
  • Streamline water system operations with automation. 
  • Reduce energy consumption and costs. 


System Monitoring

Leveraging technology for better performance with lower costs is important to our customers. Many of our cost-conscious customers have asked us to help them put their water system monitoring online & reduce manual site checks.

Many of the water systems we work with monitor flow rates, water delivery rates, chlorine, pH, turbidity, water pressure and much, much more, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  In fact, automatic online monitoring typically reduces the need for onsite monitoring by significant amounts and decreases overall maintenance & monitoring requirement for our customers. 

OPS has technicians on standby 24/7 that respond immediately to any system alarms.