Each success is the result of a hard working team that knows what it means to create and implement solutions that ensure quality water.

Pump Technicians

Our technicians have completed multiple factory training programs in addition to our apprenticeship program. Additionally they receive training to assure that work is performed to the highest standard that integrates appropriate plumbing, mechanical and electrical codes as well as attention to safety standards.

Distribution & Treatment Operators

Many of our operators are professionals with degrees in Engineering, Management & Construction. They have additionally completed multiple college level courses and have passed the California Department of Health Services exams for both Treatment & Distribution in order to receive their qualifications for grade 2 in both disciplines. They participate in continuing education to ensure they are on the cutting edge of water treatment technology and regulation. Our operators are the “Certified Operator of Record” for many of the Community, Non-Transient Non Community, & Transient Non Community Water Systems found in Napa and Sonoma Counties. As such they ensure all water testing is up to date, generate yearly CCR’s, help resolve water quality issues, & communicate local regulatory agencies. OPS can help you keep you water system running smoothly, apply for your water system permit, amend the existing permit and generate other regulatory documentation necessary such as the Bacteriological Sample Siting Plan, Emergency Notification Plan, & Source Chemical Sampling.

Office Staff

Our professional office staff are the first point of contact with our customers and ensure our customers get the right specialist, quick service and a great experience with OPS!

Backflow Testers

Backflow Testers have completed multiple college level courses and have passed the California Department of Health Services exam in order to receive their qualifications. In addition they take continuing education on a regular basis to ensure they are on the cutting edge of water treatment technology and regulation. Our back-flow testers can verify your back-flow equipment is operating properly and repair it if it isn't!

Project Managers

Project managers are the critical interface with our customers. They help our customers from concept through implementation and they ensure the correct equipment and system is installed on an agreed upon timeline!

Water Specialist

Our water specialists have training and certification to some of the highest industry standards. They look very closely at your water quality and treatment methods available to ensure that your water is treated efficiently and effectively.

Pumping Systems Specialists

Pumping system specialists have worked with a wide range of pumping applications. They can help you choose the most suitable pump for the application whether it is for a submersible well, recirculation, fountain, irrigation, municipal supply, chemical injection, any application big or small-they will help find the best solution!

Systems Integrators

Systems integrators know pumps, water treatment, monitoring and storage methodologies and help us implement these technologies into a streamlined system with a cohesive control structure. OPS system integrators have worked on systems large and small with various control architectures that include PLC's (programmable logic controllers), HMI (Human Machine Interfaces), VFD's (variable frequency drives) as well as connecting your system to the internet for monitoring/control/data logging purposes. Our system integrators often work in conjunction with other system integrators in large facilities to ensure our equipment integrates well with equipment already in place.

Well Specialists

Our well specialist are familiar with the differing types of wells, problems that can occur down a well and how to address those problem. OPS is a licensed well driller, however, we utilize this license only in the capacity that we rehabilitate and repair existing wells and can give objective advise about the need to drill/explore for additional water supplies when necessary.

Spring Specialists

Spring specialists can help you locate, develop and optimize the output of your spring in addition to helping you get the water from your spring to your tap in an efficient manner.