Sump Pump Season is here in the Napa Valley

The evidence of sump pump season starts with the weather report and is confirmed when the aisles of your local hardware store are filled with boxes of pumps for people to put in their basement when they realize that they have a flooding problem.

At Oakville Pump Service we want to help you avoid the flooding problems and help you if you’ve got them. OPS stocks a full line of sump pumps designed to keep you dry. Here are a few pointers to help you keep your basement dry.

1) Test your sump pump out! This is commonly done by putting a garden hose into the sump pump pit, gently turning the garden hose on and then checking to see if the sump pump turns on.

2) Look in the sump pump pit with a light to see if there is any debris that needs to be cleaned out. If you need to clean the sump pump pit, make sure to turn off the power first and when you are finished, test the the sump pump for operation.

3) If you sump pump has a back up power option such as a generator or battery that can supply power when the electricity is off, ensure that this back up power supply is working properly and has been recently maintained.

4) Check the discharge piping to make sure that it is free and clear, water flows from it when testing your sump pump and that there are no leaks or breaks in the discharge pipeline.

5) When the sump pumps runs there should be a simple humming sound coming from the pump. There should be no banging, vibration or chugging noises.

6)If there is a small hole in the discharge pipe a few inches above the sump pump, this is OK. It is there by design to ensure the sump pump doesn’t airlock and can self prime.

7) If you have a float switch that triggers an alarm for high water levels in the sump pit, make certain to test the alarm by raising this float switch! An alarm can’t do its job unless it’s working.

If you have a problem with too much water where it doesn’t belong, Call Oakville Pump Service 24/7 at (707)944-2471 to help you dry out in Napa County!