Drinking Water Contamination: Types of Contaminants in Water

When you drink water, you usually don’t think about the contaminants in it. The truth is that the drinking water you think is safe may have contaminates. There are several types of potential drinking water contaminants – organic chemicals, pesticides, inorganic chemicals and bacteria are some of the potential hazards to navigate. If you think that your drinking water may be contaminated, contact Oakville Pump Service where we can help you get your water tested so you know what contaminates are present and if they are at harmful levels. We don’t just give you a list, we help you understand the laboratory reports and explain the filters options available that available, or if filtration is even necessary.

Types of Contaminants Found in Water

Here is a look at the four general types of contaminants in drinking water.

1. Physical Contaminants: These types of contaminants primarily have an effect on the physical appearance or other physical properties of water. Organic material or sediments that are suspended in the water of streams, rivers, and lakes from soil erosion are examples of physical contaminants. Such types of water contaminants are commonly found in water obtained from creeks, ponds or shallow wells that are influenced by surface water.

2. Biological Contaminants: These contaminants are organisms found in water. Biological contaminants are also referred to as microbiological contaminants or microbes. Examples of these types of contaminants include bacteria, protozoan, viruses, and parasites. Biological contaminants are found in water that is obtained from creeks or ponds, improperly developed springs and wells that are shallow, flooded or have a damaged well seal.

3. Chemical Contaminants: These types of contaminants are compounds or elements. They may occur naturally or be man-made. Some of the examples of chemical contaminants include salts, bleach, fertilizers, pesticides, minerals, and pharmaceuticals.

4. Radiological Contaminants: These types of contaminants are chemical compounds that emit ionizing radiation. Some of the examples of radiological contaminants include radium, uranium, plutonium, and cesium. Such contaminants are typically caused by the erosion of natural deposits.

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