How long will my submersible water well pump last?

Like all other machinery, a well pump ages and will ultimately need a replacement. Deciding whether to replace or repair your well pump hinges upon many different factors. The main factors affecting the longevity of your submersible well pump are: the water quality, the quality of pump selected, the competancy of the installation and the quality of the power provided to the well pump motor. Industry averages show that submersible well pumps last, on average, about 7 years. Here are the primary contributing factors to submersible pump longevity:

 Water Quality: Pure clean water is essential for long pump life, but is not a reality for many people. Water wells with large amounts of sand can abraid internal pump components. Water with high mineral content can deposit on pump and piping and lead to plugged/occluded chambers, pipes and ports. It is imperative to choose a pump company in the Napa Valley like Oakville Pump Service that can help you select a pump that will last a long time in your application!

Water Temperature: High water temperatures, such as those in parts of the Napa Valley can lead to decreased motor life unless those temperatures are taken into account when designing the pump system.

Competency of Installation: Are the proper water proof splices done on the wires that are hundreds of feed underwater? Was the submersible well pump bench tested to ensure it meets all manufacturer specifications and was not subject to damage during shipping or handling? Was the proper type, pressure rating and size of pipe used to install the pump 800 feet below ground? Was a high quality, efficiency optimized pump installed that can withstand sand, corrosion and the rigors of daily demands? Was the manufacturer recommended flow sleeve installed to ensure proper motor cooling under all pumping conditions? Was the proper wire size selected so the motor is operating within National Electrical Code guidelines for voltage drop? Were high quality check valves installed at proper intervals in the pipe that delivers water to the surface? At Oakville Pump Service we ensure that every installation has the best, bench-tested components installed optimally to ensure maximum pump life!

Component Quality

Quality does matter. That off brand pump at the big nationwide hardware store may be cheap and get you by for a few months…but you’d better be prepared to install it yourself. Quality pump companies won’t touch low quality equipment when they have to stand behind it operating day in and day out hundreds of feet in the ground. Oakville Pump Service uses only the best quality submersible well pumps from Franklin Pump Systems, Goulds, Berkely and Grundfos and supply our customers with an outstanding warranty that we can stand behind.

Power Quality

Manufactures repeatedly tell us that one of the main influences on submersible pump motor life is the quality of the electricity supplied to the motor. Low/high voltages, phase imbalances or phase loss can reduce the lifespan of a submersible pump motor or just destroy them in extreme cases. The power supply infrastructure has not kept up with the increased demands in California. OPS works with our customers for solutions to power quality issues to ensure that the pump can have the best power quality and function as long as possible in critical applications! These solutions include installation of Solar Pump powered sites, Installation of VFD’s that can filter/clean poor power from the utility, installation of safety devices that turn well pump equipment off to protect it from poor quality power.

If your pump kicks the bucket, contact Oakville Pump Service Inc., at (707) 944-2471. Our team of licensed and insured pump technicians will address any emergency promptly. We also offer other services such as installing water filtration systems and water storage systems. We guarantee a high standard of service at affordable rates! Call us today.