How to prevent your Well Pump from freezing this winter?

If your entire household relies on a well for drinking water and other needs, it is time you take the initiative to winterize it. Without proper maintenance, especially during winter, wells can freeze, and thus create a sudden and urgent need for Napa well pump repair work. Fortunately, well maintenance isn’t as hard as you may think. By following a few simple steps, you can rest assured your well will function well through the winter without any glitches.

Insulate the pipes: When water freezes, it tends to expand, causing the pipes to crack and leak. Make sure all the pipes leading in and out of your well are insulated. Insulation works like a warm furry blanket that blocks out cold air. Insulate all exposed pipes with pipe insulation. You may also use heat tape to wrap the tank and pipes.

Cover it Up: A simple tip to keep your well going through the coldest days of winter is to cover its entrance. Once you are done with insulating all exposed pipes, either invest in a fiberglass well house or put in the time to create one using trash cans that are insulated. Use this DIY contraption to cover the opening of your well pump. If you find it too hard to pull through, you may call in professionals from a reputed Napa well pump repair service provider.

Allow your faucets to drip: As crazy as it may sound, this simple tip can help keep your well from freezing when the temperatures hit sub-zero. As soon as you know that the temperature is going to plummet, turn on your faucets so they slightly drip or drizzle. When you do so, the water will keep flowing through the faucets, and prevent the build-up of pressure inside your pipes. In addition to this, you may also set the temperature within your house to 70 degrees to avoid frozen pipes.

Use a Heat Strip: If you live in an area where temperatures dip below zero degrees, you will have to resort to drastic steps to keep the water in your pipes or booster pumps from freezing. Use a heat strips on piping and water system components susceptible to freezing can save them from freeze damage. Oakville Pump Service in the Napa Valley can install heat strips on your piping and booster pump to ensure you have water on the coldest of mornings!

These simple tips will not just save you time and money, but will also extend the life of your equipment. If you are looking for a reliable service provider to help winterize your well, waste no time! Contact Oakville Pump Service, today!