Should you Replace or Repair your Well Pump?

Like all other machinery, a well pump ages and will ultimately need a replacement. Deciding whether to replace or repair your well pump hinges upon many different factors. Two of the main deciding factors, is the age of your well pump and defaults in it. Listed below are a few of the signs that your well pump needs attention.

No Water Flow: It sounds like a no brainer. If water is not coming into your faucets from your well, and your well hasn’t run dry, it is a tell-tale sign that you are facing a pump issue. Start by checking the pump’s circuit breaker. To do this, turn off the pump, and reset the breaker. If it operates when you turn it back on, you’re probably fine and do not need a replacement as yet. On the flip side, this causes the breaker to blow, or the pump refuses to work, and you will need to have your well pump checked by a well pump installation company in Solano County.

 Poor Water Pressure: Decreased water pressure can stem from numerous factors such as low water levels at the well, scaling on the insides of your pipes, or a pressure tank issue. These issues can be easily tackled with a quick repair. If fine tuning and tweaking your well pump doesn’t do the trick, it is likely that your well pump has served its time and requires replacement. Be sure to hire the services of a renowned well pump installation company in Solano County.

Pump Runs Constantly: If your pump whirs incessantly, the odds are that there is an underlying issue with your pressure tank. It could also be a sign that your pump is unable to efficiently draw water from your well, and is constantly running so, as to keep your house supplied with fresh water.

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