5 Signs you Need Water Well Pump Repairing

Did you know that roughly 15% of the population in the U.S., still uses potable water from water-wells? This makes the well pump one of the important day-to-day tools that requires maintenance and care. They work tirelessly to supply water to the entire home. So, how do you know when your water well pump is beginning to fail? Listed below are a few signs that indicate it is time to call your local well pump installation company in Solano County.

High Electric Bills: If your energy bills have spiked suddenly without any warning, you may be dealing with an ailing water well pump. An old or malfunctioning pump will run continuously as, it struggles to maintain the water pressure. This causes a sudden jump in your energy bills. Thus, addressing the issue can help to save a lot of money by lowering your bills.

Poor Water Pressure: Water pressure problems result from a number of factors such as low water levels, scaling on the insides of the pipes, or a pressure tank issue. This could also occur when the pipes in the well develop leaks or the air bladder within the tank ruptures. This kind of a problem needs immediate attention and can be resolved easily by an expert well pump installation company in Solano County.

No Water: If you wake up in the morning and find that your faucets have gone dry then, it is a clear indication that you are dealing with a pump issue. Run a quick inspection of the circuit breaker. This can be done by turning off the pump and resetting the breaker before turning on the pump back. If the pump jumps back to life then, it’s probably in fine condition. On the flip side, if resetting the breaker causes it to blow, then it needs attention of your local water well professional.

Sputtering Faucet: Is water coming out of your faucet sputtering? It is probably because you might have a broken or corroded drop pipe that needs replacement. There are several other reasons that can cause the formation of air bubbles in your water well system. So, if you notice that there is an uneven flow of water from your faucets then seek the assistance of a professional immediately.

Discolored Water: A change in the color of the water coming from your faucets is another sign that indicates your water well pump needs repairing. Water system management and operational services help to troubleshoot some water well pump issues and calling an expert can help you deal better with discolored water points which indicate malfunctioning water well pump.

As you can sees there are a number of reasons that validate improper functioning of your water well pump. Some situations are worse than others. Contact Oakville Pump Service to address any plumbing woes and ensure a constant supply of water.