Top 5 Myths About Potable Water Storage Tanks in Napa

While you might believe water to be straightforward, there are a number of myths floating around out there regarding water storage. When it comes to potable water storage tanks in Napa, the team at Oakville Pump Service Inc. wants to make sure you are properly informed and educated about all the things you need to know. This way, you can avoid falling for any of the less than factual information out there. 

Water Expires

There is no expiration date on water. The only time water "expires" is if it is contaminated through chemical or biological contamination. As long as the water is not contaminated, it will never go bad. Plus, it is possible to remove nearly any debris, bacteria or chemical from the water through different purification and filtration processes. This way, it is possible to use water, no matter how long it has stayed in a potable water storage tank. 

A Water Barrel Is All You Need In an Emergency

This doesn't work, because what happens if you need to evacuate? You can't take the water barrel with you. You need different-sized containers on hand to combat this in the event of an emergency. 

Water Can Be Stored in Any Plastic Container

There are different kinds of plastics. Some plastics will release chemicals into the water, making it dangerous to drink. Water containers should be a plastic #1, #2 and #4 when it comes to choosing a potable water storage tank.

Water Barrels Can Be Stacked to Save Space

It depends on the barrel. Most water batters are not built to hold the weight of another, full water barrel on top. Additionally, not all barrels have the needed groves on the bottom and top to allow for optimal stacking. The only time you should consider stacking barrels is if the water barrels are built for stacking.

No Need for a Filter If You Have a Water Purifier

Water purifiers are great for removing chemicals and microorganisms in the water. However, purifiers do not target dirt and other natural material in potable water storage tanks. In order to remove this water, you need a filter. 

These are five of the top myths about potable water storage. If you have further questions about water storage, would like insights on how it's possible to store water on your own, or are ready to take advantage of the services in Napa offered by Oakville Pump Service Inc., contact us today.