Well Test showing pumping rate, static & dynamic water level and Turbidity

Well & Spring Testing

Oakville Pump Service offers extensive well & spring testing and logging services to ascertain the amount of water available for your property. Our well testing services extend to to more than simply giving you a piece of paper with a flow rate on it. Our well tests regularly track parameters like flow rate, water level & turbidity (water clarity).

Expanded well tests look at the levels of contaminants at various depths/flow rates to seek optimum water quality without the need for expensive water treatment equipment. Each well that we test is inspected to ascertain if the equipment is in proper operating condition, the well is sealed in a sanitary fashion, and verifies the equipment installation meets proper safety and electrical standards. 

Many wells in our area tap into multiple underground aquifers or streams, each with different amounts of available water and with different water quality. OPS can help you determine which aquifer has water quantity & quality that meet your needs.


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