Oakville Pump Service works closely with our residential, commercial & agricultural customers to ensure that their water meets their specific water quality requirements. If you have a water quality problem, the first requirement is to take a water sample and determine the exact contaminates, contaminate levels and water chemistry that is contributing to the problem. This initial water testing phase is vital because it provides the empirical information to design the proper water treatment solution for your application. This information also gives you the ability to compare the water quality before and after water filtration. If you have water that doesn't meet your need for purity, aesthetics or potability, contact OPS and ask to speak with our water treatment and filtration specialist!

OPS has successfully worked with many water treatment technologies. The most common applications we encounter fall into the following categories: 


Ozone or UltraViolet are both great disinfection technologies for water containing pathogenic organisms. Ozone and UV are preferred treatment methodologies since these technologies do not cause taste or odor problems. We know our customers want the best and don't prefer the tastes and odors associated with using chlorinated water in their homes or in their wine-making process. 

Some regulated water systems are required to have a trace amount of chlorine maintained in the water supply. OPS has worked extensively with chlorine injection and monitoring systems to ensure levels are minimal, stable and compliant with regulatory requirements.


Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is one filtration technology very effective at removing heavy metals, & contaminates that cause taste and odor issues as well as unsavory chemicals that can be found in some water supplies. We have worked to help many wineries remove all chlorine from their city water supply to ensure an optimal winemaking environment. 

Many wells in our region contain levels of Iron & Manganese that can stain fixtures, plug up faucets and even cause the water to taste metallic. OPS offers several solutions, depending on your water chemistry & flow rates, that will remove Iron and Manganese

Hydrogen Sulfide is another common contaminate in our area that causes a rotton egg odor. Hydrogen Sulfide is effectively removed with air stripping processes and can easily be removed in conjunction with Iron and Manganese. Hydrogen Sulfide is not  easily removed with a simple strap on filter, adding chemicals or magic polymers.  

Several wells have high levels of arsenic that must be reduced to ensure the water is safe for the potential consumers. OPS has a record of Arsenic removal filtration on small and large scales using technologies that are both approved and proven. 

Some of our customers require ultra-pure water or have water with contaminates such as salt or nitrates that can only be removed with Reverse Osmosis technology. OPS has installed many successful Reverse Osmosis systems that provide the ultimate in pure water. 

Agricultural customers frequently use water from an irrigation pond, reclaimed water reservoir or river for irrigation needs. These water sources have particulate matter that would plug up irrigation emitters or sprinklers. OPS has designed and installed sediment filtration systems to handle anywhere from a few gallons per minute to several thousand gallons per minute. Sand filters, disc filters and self cleaning screen filters are commonly used for irrigation and agricultural applications. 


Water softening is a process that can be used to produce "soft" water, or water that doesn't spot or require as much soap for washing/cleaning purposes. OPS offers water softening solutions for wells with high amounts of hardness. Be careful of any water softening technology that claims it does not use any salt or additives to regenerate the water softeners. We have yet to find one of these systems that work! We look forward to the day when water softening can be done without use of salt, unfortunately that day has not yet arrived. Many times we can help reduce the amount of salt required in the softening process!

Raising/Lowing pH

pH modification is frequently needed when water is overly corrosive and is eating pipes from the inside out. The common indicator is green/red staining on fixtures from the copper/iron in the pipes being dissolved by aggressive water. Calcite/Corsex filters are frequently an option that OPS works with as is air stripping and sodium hydroxide injection. The pH, water temperature, hardness, TDS and flow rates required determine the type(s) of technology implemented to achieve the desired result for pH correction. 

Cartridge Filtration

Cartridge filters are a solution when relatively low volumes of water need to be treated. OPS stocks a full range of GAC, Softening, Calcite and Particulate cartridge filters and housings. Cartridge filters, in general, offer an inexpensive up front option to treat a limited quantity of water. When used for applications with high flow rates or high volumes of water, the cost of cartridges gets to be quite expensive when compared with a properly sized filter system.

If you have a question about your water quality or the filtration/treatment options for your water, please contact us and ask for our water treatment specialist or peruse our Water Quality FAQ's. OPS water treatment specialists frequently work to help customers who have already purchased equipment  from vendors that sell equipment, not water treatment solutions. One customer spent $9000 to purchase a system to remove Iron, Manganese and smelly Hydrogen Sulfide. They ended up with heavily chlorinated water that still stank like rotten eggs and stained their fixtures. The solution OPS was able to offer cost 1/3 of the system purchased online, used no chemicals and effectively removed all the contaminates.

Another customer purchase two filters online for $8000 to remove chlorine and sediment from their water. The water contained neither sediment or chlorine! The real problem with their water was that it had a very low pH which was rotting out the copper piping in their winery and home.  

Its important to keep in mind that an online store/salesman are not psychic. They have no way of knowing the specific types & quantities of contaminates that are in your water. There is no such thing as a strap on filter that will "fix everything" without knowing what the problem is first. Spending a little bit of money on some water testing saves thousands of dollars down the road and ensures effective treatment. OPS has the bigger picture in mind and will provide a solution that is cost effective in both the short and long term!