Oakville Pump Service provides emergency services on a 24/7 basis for customers that are out of water or have other water related emergencies. To request a technician:

1) Take a breath. Make sure you have the physical address of the problem available, a contact phone number and a description of the problem ready. Keep in mind that OPS has sump pumps if you have flooding. We also have several 725 gallon portable water tank trailers to supply water in out of water emergency situations. Giving us as much information as possible will enable us to help you faster!

2) Call (707) 944-2471 and listen to the options. If you have an EMERGENCY select the option for emergency and wait for the prompt to leave your message.

3) Leave a message with your name, phone number, physical address & description of the problem. Speak slowly and clearly and try to minimize background noise. Your voice message and transcript will be forwarded immediately to our on call technician via text and email.

4) An OPS on-call staff member will be in touch with you in a few minutes. Overtime rates (1.5x) apply to work requested between 4 PM-7AM and on Weekends. Holiday rates (2x) apply to recognized public holidays.