At Oakville Pump Service we value:

Our Customer

OPS is committed to delivering solutions to your water related issues with:

  • A solution that fits YOUR application, budget and requirements. Our goal is that you have the correct system, not the most elaborate or expensive one.

  • A system that is as simple as possible to minimize ongoing maintenance and repair costs

  • A system that is installed according to relevant building codes and one that reflects a high level of build competence and quality.

  • A system & components that are quality & withstand the test of time.

  • The promise to stand behind our work. Our clients deserve high quality work and ongoing support for their mission critical water needs.

Our Employees:

  • To provide a safe and equitable work environment.

  • To provide competitive pay and benefits.

  • To provide training and educational opportunities to enhance and keep current their knowledge
    in the areas they perform.

Our Community & Planet:

We recognize that each person and organization can make a difference when they utilize the talents and resources they have to make our world a better place. With this in mind, OPS & our staff have volunteered expertise, time, equipment & resources to help villages, hospitals & clinics in developing nations install their own water systems, reduce the adverse effects of contaminated water & increased access to water.  

  • Several of our staff are volunteers in local fire departments, water boards and other community organizations that contribute to our local community.

  • OPS has helped by supporting the work of farm centers and animal clinics as they work to make our local community a better place.

  • OPS staff have teamed with hospitals in eastern Africa to develop water systems that provide both reliability and high quality water, set up maintenance & billing systems and train local talent in the maintenance, operation and repair of their water systems. Check out page 6 of Adventist Health International 2009 Annual Report

  • Collaborating with the Ministry of health in Fiji in order to help provide higher levels of health care for the outer islands in conjunction with teaching locals to make their own slow sand water treatment from locally available materials to avoid typhoid, cholera and other acute water-born illness.

  • Helping to retrofit a primary care hospital in Haiti after the 2011 earthquake to ensure the water supply was reliable and safe from the cholera epidemic.

  • Teaming with Clinics in Peru to help coordinate medical teams and up-fit of their water systems to provide clean, reliable water.

  • Collaboration with schools of public health in Vietnam to survey village/school water systems & implement training materials/solutions to help local villages & schools remove pathogenic organisms from their water supply using the resources at hand.

  • Working with remote hospitals/clinics in Nepal to ensure clean water supply of sufficient volume.

Our Environment:

 At OPS we believe in that we each have been entrusted to be thoughtful stewards of the environment in which we live. With this key concept in mind there are several areas in which OPS is committed to:

  • OPS endeavors to stock each service vehicle with the appropriate parts and materials to finish your project with minimal travel.

  • OPS recycles all old piping, wire, pump equipment, cardboard, oil, & paper.

  • OPS rebuilds your old equipment. Many places simply tell you that you need new equipment because the cost to repair exceeds the cost to replace, or because they may not have the expertise to repair your equipment. Whenever possible, OPS will offer you the choice of rebuilding/replacing equipment.

  • OPS designs systems that reduce pumping/energy requirements and utilize as few chemicals as possible.