Here’s What You Need To Know About Installing Potable Water Storage Tanks In Solano County

When it comes to selecting the right water tank for a specific job, there are times where you need to have an above ground tank installed. Whether there are utility lines running underneath, or other issues involved, it may prove necessary to use an above ground tank. But what happens if you want to bury the above ground tank later?

Perhaps you'd like to landscape around the tank and believe that burying it will improve the appearance of your property. That may be possible in certain instances but, typically, the production of your above ground tank is not designed for this. Instead of moving forward with burying or anything else, here’s what you should keep in mind when it comes to handling potable water storage tanks in Solano County

Partial Burying Of Potable Water Storage Tanks

It is always important to contact an engineer before any burying of potable water storage tanks in Solano County. It may increase the chance of structural damage to the tank. Typically, it is recommended that you do not bury it any deeper than one meter into the ground.

Proceeding With Burying

If an engineer okays the burying of your Solano County potable water storage tanks, there is a very specific process you need to follow. First, dig a hole around a foot wider than the base diameter of your water tank. If you are burying multiple tanks, each tank needs its own hole. Before filling the remainder of the hole, fill the tank completely with water. Some expansion does occur, so you need to let this happen. Filling the hole prior to filling the tank can increase the chance of damage to your water tank. When filling in the remaining area around the tank, you will want to use a combination of three parts cracker dust and one-part cement powder to provide a steady base support

Give the Pros a Call

Every instance and circumstance surrounding potable water storage tanks in Solano County is a bit different. While it is best to leave your above ground tank above ground, there are times where it may not be possible. However, it is necessary to have professionals like Oakville Pump Service inspect the tank and make the right decision. Make sure you give us a call before moving forward with any burying of your water storage tanks.