How Well Water Treatment Systems Work in Calistoga Homes

When selecting well water treatment systems for your Calistoga home, it’s important you have a clear understanding of their performance. Our team at Oakville Pump Service are leaders in this area of the Calistoga marketplace, and in this latest post, we're explaining how well water treatment systems work.

The System

The system generally comprises of a submersible pump, which pumps the water out of the ground automatically, or a jet pump, which sits on top of the ground and draw water out of the ground to create water pressure. The system generally also features a pressure tank to store the water before it’s pumped into the house or a gravity-based system, which feeds water down to provide the pressure for the home.

The Pump

The submersible style of pump is controlled by a pressure switch, which activates when the pressure drops below a certain level and then deactivates when it reaches its maximum pressure level. Generally, a low-pressure level is 30 PSI and the high-pressure level is 60 PSI. Most systems operate within a 30 PSI differential range. The pressure tank contains an airbag to moderate the pressure level consistently during use.

Some well pumps are designed not only to remove water from source but also to direct water through the rest of the system. There are also specially designed pumps for specific roles in the system, including pressure boosting pumps and outlet supplying pumps. 

Storage Tank Options

When considering the installation of well water treatment systems in your Calistoga home, there are generally three types of pressure tanks available: plain steel tanks, diaphragm bladder tanks that separate air and water, and older systems designed with a float separating the air from the water. We utilize the diaphragm bladder tanks. Some owners require additional storage when drought conditions and other environmental issues impact their property. It’s important to consider all options when evaluating the storage tank models.

Our team at Oakville Pump Service has decades of experience installing well water treatment systems for Calistoga homeowners. To learn more about our team and our full range of services, call us today.