Sump Pump Maintenance Tips and Procedures

Unbeknownst to you, your sump toils hard to keep your basement and all your other possessions it carries dry all through the year. The sump detects when snow melts or rainwater levels begin to rise, and pumps it out way before it reaches above floor level.

In order to ensure your sump functions optimally, it is important to have a sump pump installation Napa provider check your sump system annually. The best time to schedule a check-up is every spring to ensure your sump system is functioning as intended, so that your risk of a surprise puddle is eliminated. Listed below are few simple tasks to stay flood free all through the year.

Test your sump pump frequently: It is simple and straightforward to test your pump. In order to do so, pour in enough water into your sump pit so as to raise the float that is designed to engage the pump. Upon pouring water, the pump must remove all of it from the pit, and thereafter shut itself off in just a few seconds.

Clean your sump pit: It is important that you periodically clean up your sump pit to remove any sand, dirt, and gravel that may be lodged in the system. This will increase the efficiency of your sump system, and also prolong its life. You may use a wet or drywall to do so.

Back up: If you experience frequent power outages in your neighborhood, it is a good idea to invest in a good backup pump system. Any reliable sump pump installation Napa provider can tell you which kind is best suited for your home, and also explain the various backup options available to you. 

Install an alarm: If you have the budget, invest in a tank level alarm for your pump system. This will sound an audible alarm when your sump system ceases to work. Some of these alarms have battery backup and Wi-Fi options that will notify you via email when your pump begins to malfunction.

Be proactive: As a homeowner, it is important to educate yourself on how your sump system works, and whom you should call when things do not work as they should. Understanding the signs of a malfunctioning sump will help you avert an emergency situation.

Whether you wish to install a new sump system or you have a sump that is not functioning as intended, contact Oakville Pump Service today. Our experienced plumber will not just diagnose the problem, but also fix your sump system in no time at all.