Do You Really Need a Potable Water Storage Tank in Calistoga?

So much relies on ample clean water: cooking, drinking, and irrigation to name a few. However, when water is scarce, things can turn dangerous quickly. In Calistoga, potable water storage tanks provide this much-needed resource, but do you really need one? 

While recent rainfall may have finally broken the horrendous drought that has plagued much of California, water is still a valuable commodity. Despite this, many people probably do not need a water storage tank. Here's how to tell if you really need one.

Lack or Limited Access to Fresh Water Source

In rural areas, access to fresh water may be limited. However, having a potable water storage tank on the property allows for continuous access to this vital resource so long as the tank is filled regularly. Oakville Pump Service installs water tanks with unique technology that alerts you to a low reservoir, preventing the risks of running out of the water.

Water Shortages during Peak Usage Times

Communities that experience water shortages during peak usage times, such as early evening, may benefit from additional or larger capacity water storage tanks. Areas that are expected to continue to grow should also consider installing a higher capacity storage tank to avoid water shortages as populations grow.

To Comply with Local Fire Requirements

In Calistoga potable water storage tanks are often required by the local fire regulations. This is to ensure there is enough on hand in the event of a fire or other emergency situation. 

Emergency Preparedness

  • There are a number of emergency situations where having a supply of clean water is vital and a potable water storage tank provides this much-needed resource. Wildfires, water shortages, damn contamination, and natural disasters can render other sources unsafe to drink.

  • Having a storage tank of fresh water can go a long way toward ensuring clean drinking water in an emergency situation.

  • The size and material of water storage tanks vary widely and which is right for you will depend on your needs and the size of the area the tank that will be installed. The most popular option, however, is the High Density Polyethylene Here at Oakville Pump Service; we have worked with water storage systems for more than 30 years.

When you are ready to have a potable water storage tank installed on our Calistoga area property, contact Oakville Pump Service today.