Well Pump Repair in Napa - How to Tell if Your Well Pump Needs Repairs

If you rely on a well pump for water, it is important to maintain your pump, and have it serviced whenever something goes wrong with it. However, how do you know when there's an issue with your well pump? It is necessary to know how to identify issues with the pump and when to look for well pump repair in Napa. With the help of Oakville Pump Service, you can have your pump diagnosed and repaired (or replaced) to keep your property and water usage running smoothly. 

  • When is a Well Pump Going Bad?

There are a few signs that tell you when your well pump is going bad. Obviously, if you don't have water flowing from your faucet, there is an issue. If there’s water but very little pressure; there is potentially a problem with the pump and you may need to have it serviced. Is your pump constantly running? If you notice it's always on or you can always hear it, it means it's working overtime. Unless you have your water running at all times (which is not likely), the pump could have problems, or you could have a leak somewhere. Either way, you need to have these conditions serviced and repaired.

  • What Is Stopping the Water?

Now, let's say your water isn't running. What might be causing this problem? There are a few issues potentially at stake here. The first is there is a problem with the well itself – perhaps the water table has drawn down to a level lower then the pump. There might be some sort of an equipment failure, causing the pump to not draw out water from the ground. There might be damage to the plumbing; there could be a clog, or a pipe could be broken, and the water is leaking out somewhere else in the property.

Get Well Pump Repair in Napa Today

If you believe you're having pump issues and need well pump repair in Napa, now is the time to contact Oakville Pump Service. Whether you have questions regarding pump repair services, or are interested in an upgrade or installing a new well pump, all your answers are just a phone call away.