Understanding Well Pump Repairs & Common Issues in Napa

When it comes to your well pump, there are several common problems that can occur that make it so that you’re unable to use your pump. Knowing these common issues for well pump repair in Napa can help you to pinpoint what exactly is going wrong with your water pump and help you find a solution.

Oakville Pump Service offers some common issues you can look for if you’re experiencing pump issues.

No Water Being Pumped

One of the most common problems you may have with your water pump is the fact that no water is being pumped. The first thing that you can check here is whether or not the pump is on. There’s a chance that your breaker was tripped, and that’s why it’s not running. The next potential reason for this issue is that there’s a problem with your pressure switch. If the pressure switch is also okay, then it may be the pump controller that’s the problem.

Water Pressure That Pulses

Having water pressure that pulses is another common issue when it comes to well pump repair in Napa. You’ll often notice pulsing water with this issue, and it can be caused by problems with the tank’s air valve. If the air valve seems okay, then your next option is to check the pressure tank. One way to tell if your pressure tank is bad is if the water pressure drops more when one faucet is running or if a faucet is running when the toilet is flushed. Another is if the water pressure changes when taking a shower. There’s a good chance that you may need a new tank because it’s broken or have to purchase one that’s larger than your current tank if your current size isn’t keeping up with your needs.

Constant Running

Another problem that often occurs with well pumps is having a pump that never stops running. This can be an expensive problem if you take a while to address this issue. When your pump starts up, you’ll hear clicking. If the clicking continues when no water is flowing, there’s a problem. This well pump repair in Napa often requires a professional touch because there could be a broken water line somewhere between your wellhead and inside your home, a bad check valve, or a bad connector.

Let Our Team Help

When looking for well pump repair in Napa, you can count on us at Oakville Pump Service. Our professionals can help you with these common water pump problems. Contact us today to set up an appointment to have your well pump troubles solved.