Potable Water Storage Tanks in Calistoga - Which Water Storage Tank Should I Choose?

If you live in an area where water can be scarce, you may want to consider installing a potable water tank. Due to unforeseen emergencies or possible drought, more and more people are now installing water storage tanks at their homes.

Whether you are installing a water tank because you live in an area where forest fires are common, and a supply of water will come in handy if a fire strikes your home, or you simply like to have an uninterrupted water supply, it is important that you choose the right kind of water storage tank that suits your needs.  Our Oakville Pump Service team has listed below are a few types of water tanks that you can commission in your backyard.

Types of Water Storage Tanks

Should you choose concrete, plastic, fiberglass, or steel? Well, the answer depends on the application you plan on using it for.

Wooden Tanks: Most homeowners may not give a wooden tank a second thought when shopping for a water tank. However, tanks made of wood have been used for many years to store everything from water to wine, and even beer. Though wood will rot with time, it does make a viable choice for storing water in your home. Ensure that the tank is properly treated and maintain it well, should you opt for one.


Steel Tanks: While wooden barrels add an aesthetic appeal to your home and are rather inexpensive, there is nothing stronger than a tank made from steel. Steel tanks are used for various applications and come in many sizes. You can easily find potable water storage tanks in Calistoga made from steel for residential use.


Concrete tanks: You may also install concrete potable water storage tanks that are highly durable and will give you years of loyal service. Maintenance of concrete tanks is low, but you will need professional help in installing a concrete tank on your terrace. 


Fiberglass water storage tanks: This is a popular choice among many homeowners. They do not rot or rust and can be easily installed even on the ground. Though they are quite expensive, they are durable and hence worth the money spent. 

Budget-conscious buyers looking for potable water storage tanks in Calistoga may also go in for plastic or polyethylene tank that can easily hold up to 5,000 gallons of water. If you are still unsure as to which type of water storage tank you should invest in, contact our Oakville Pump Service professionals today. Our water storage experts will assess your needs and budget and help you choose the right water storage tank.