With the high cost of utilities, wasted power and water need to be curbed before costs get out of hand. Oakville Pump Service is able to provide automatic water metering systems that push all your water usage data to your Iphone or Android with a simple, easy to use app. The metering systems are tamper proof, help identify & detect leaks, show hourly, daily, monthly & yearly water usage. In addition, the information can help identify key areas that could benefit from water conservation and make billing and reporting a SNAP.

Don't think you have the infrastructure or budget for a powerful, automated meter reading system? Think again! Costs have become very affordable and implementation simple. Whether you'd like to monitor one water meter or a thousand, OPS can help you get all your water meter reading organized in one place, online and minimize labor and reading errors. 

If you need a water metering solution contact us now to learn more!