3 Quick Fixes for Submersible Pump Motor Repairs

Submersible pump motors are versatile. They are quiet, require low maintenance and have a low profile. These pumps can be easily configured for horizontal or vertical use, or any angle in between too. These electrical pumps are true workhouses and are designed to function well in storm, water drainage and flood control applications. And if something goes wrong, they are easy to repair.

 Read on for a short and handy troubleshooting guide for quick fixes of your ailing submersible water pump:

 Motor won’t turn on: If your water pumps refuses to turn on, start with the obvious checks. Look out for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. If the problem is intermittent, you may be dealing with corroded or dirty fuse receptacles.

 If everything looks good with the fuse, circuit breaker, and receptacles then check the voltage at the contact points for the pressure switch. Most often, corrosion or debris can lead to irregular voltage. Also, check & see if there is any build up around the pump. In certain instances, sand could build up around the pump and trigger amp reading up to 6 times the normal ratings, before the safety overload can actually trip. Clearing the build-up will let your pump up and running again.

 Motor Runs Incessantly: Check for leaking or damaged pipes if motor runs non-stop. Also, check the water level to ensure the pump has not exceeded the capacity of your well.

 A malfunctioning pressure switch too can cause the motor to cycle too fast or stay on. Clean the contacts and double-check the settings to ascertain if you need to replace the switch. Also, check to see if your check valve is stuck or your pump screen is blocked, as this can also cause your pump to keep running. Do not attempt to replace any parts on your own. Instead, rely on the services of a reputed Solano County submersible well pump company.

 Water isn’t flowing through the system: If water isn’t flowing through the system, you may be dealing with a check valve that has either failed or has been installed incorrectly. If replacing the check valve doesn’t do the trick, your pump could be air bound or bound by some particle trapped in the impeller. Once you have resolved the issue, be sure to install the pump properly. This aids in optimal pumping operation. Many homeowners realize that the root cause is a pump that is not fully submerged or that they have a lift requirement that is way too high. A reputed Solano County submersible well pump company will be able to conduct an inspection and diagnose the issue in a jiffy.

 When replacing your water pump, be sure to shop for pumps that use non-proprietary seals and bearings. This ensures that you will not have to pay a premium for a quick fix, when you require replacement parts. Contact Oakville Pump Service Inc. at (707) 944-2471 to schedule an appointment for emergency services!