Why Hire a Solano County Submersible Well Pump Company?

Just like every other appliance, even your well pump will need to be repaired and replaced on occasion. There are several options available for you to choose from (mostly among freestanding jet pumps or submersible pumps), each offering its own advantages. As a certified submersible well pump company in Solano County, the team at Oakville Pump Service offers the best advice on why you should invest in a submersible pump over a freestanding one when it comes time for a new one.

 A submersible well pump is a is a self-contained, single-unit well pump placed directly at the bottom of your well. Instead of drawing water out of the ground, it pushes water from the surrounding area into the well. This type of pump is usually designed for wells deeper than 110 feet, but there are some that can work in shallower wells (usually the 80-foot mark). Since this type of pump is already submerged, it never has to be primed.

 Freestanding jet pumps are paired with a pressure tank whereas submersible pumps use the surrounding water pressure when pushing water upwards into the pump. This means there‚Äôs no separate pressure tank, reducing the amount of energy a submersible pump needs to operate. 

 Submersible pumps cost more initially, but since they use less energy and operate at peak efficiency, they have an extended lifespan that saves you money in the long run. Additionally, the motor for this pump is hermetically sealed to prevent leaks or damage, making it require less maintenance. Besides saving you money over time, submersible well pumps are a lot quieter than other types of pumps. This allows you to enjoy your time outside without the annoying bangs and clangs of an older, above-ground model.

Let us be your Solano County submersible well pump company!

If you decide on a submersible well pump, Oakville Pump Service is one of the most highly-sought submersible well-pump companies in Solano County. Our expert staff is ready to give you a consultation on the right well pump for your property. When you need a new pump, contact Oakville Pump Service today.