Here Are A Few Things To Consider If You’re Looking For A Well Pump In Solano County

If you're considering a new well pump, there are different options available, each of which comes with its own set of advantages. It is important that you take the advice of a certified well pump installation company in Solano County, of course, but looking into the different kinds of pumps first can also make a huge difference. Here are a few pointers that can help.

Shallow Well Pump

This kind of a well pump takes advantage of a basic centrifugal pump and runs a maximum of 25 feet down. These kinds of pumps don't use much by way of power and are easy to both install and maintain. If your well is around the 25-foot mark, it may be better to go with the deep well pump, or your home may suffer from poor water pressure. 

Deep Well Pump

These well pumps are constructed for wells between 25 and 110 feet deep. Due to the size, the pumps require more power to draw the water up. To do this, they use a jet pump as an available propellant. 

Submersible Well Pump

This kind of a well is also referred to as a deep well submersible pump. The pump sits at the bottom of the well and pushes water through the rest of the surrounding water and into the well. So, instead of drawing water out of the ground, it pushes the water. These kinds of pumps are designed typically for wells that are deeper than 110 feet. 

In some situations, a submersible well pump may be used for a shallower well, such as one located around the 80-foot mark. The motor of these kinds of pumps is hermetically sealed to prevent any kinds of leaks or damage from leaking water. While repairs are fewer and far between, when a repair is necessary it is costlier to perform one here. 

Let the Experts Help You Choose  

If you’re looking for a qualified well pump installation company in Solano County, Oakville Pump Service is ready to help you at every step of the way. If you're interested in a consultation on the right well pump for your property needs, or you would like to move forward with a well pump installation, now is a great time to contact our team