Don't Touch That Underground Tank!

Underground tanks can remain buried for decades without anyone even knowing they are there. When you come across an underground storage tank, don't touch it. They don't come with labels that say what is or was in them, so you have no idea whether or not they are hazardous. It's always a good idea to have Napa potable water storage tanks on hand to flush the area and help with the excavation process.

What Did the Tanks Contain?

Underground storage tanks can contain almost any type of substance, including, water, oil, gasoline, and other hazardous materials. Never attempt to open an underground tank. If you find a tank that has been buried on your property, you need to find out who put it there and what the tank was used for. The first thing to do is to find a list of past owners of the property. This will tell you what type of business they had and what the tank may contain.

Controlling the Situation

If you plan on removing the tank, you need to find out what is in it first. You also need to have a professional excavator come out and determine the stability of the property. You will have to determine the stability of the tank as well. Can it be moved safely or do special measures need to be taken to protect the workers who will be removing it?

Notifying Emergency Management Services

Because you don't know what the tank contains, you should also contact Emergency Management Services so the appropriate measures can be taken if the tank contains any type of hazardous material. A HAZMAT crew may be needed to remove the substance and contain or eliminate any environmental threat that may be caused by the removal of the tank. Once any environmental threat has been eliminated, the tank can be safely removed.

Contact the experts

Underground storage tanks should not be messed with. Don't attempt to use an underground tank if you are unsure of what it was used for in the past. Oakville Pump Service offers Napa potable water storage tanks that are easily accessible. They can also deliver potable water storage tanks to excavation and construction locations as needed. If you have questions about underground tanks or the need for potable water storage, contact the office today!