Calistoga Well Water Treatment Systems Can Protect You from Iron and Manganese

If you're receiving your water from a private pump or another local water source, there's a good chance it could be contaminated with iron or manganese.  These metals are naturally occurring and [G1] have a tendency to make it into groundwater.  Calistoga well water treatment systems can help mitigate the dangers, but only for those who understand the risks and the need for good water treatment.

In this blog, our team at Oakville Pump Service Inc. team wanted to talk a little about the dangers of iron and manganese in home water supplies, and why treatment systems are a good idea.

Why You Need Calistoga Well Water Treatment Systems to Eliminate Iron and Manganese

Iron and manganese tend to occur most often in wells which have been dug deeply, as these metals are generally fairly far down in the ground.  However, if there is much mining in your area, that can push them towards the surface.  

As far as effects on the human body, iron, and manganese are interesting in that they are both needed [G2] in small quantities in a healthy human body, but they can both also be poisonous in larger quantities.  Iron poisoning can create stomach flu style symptoms or even bloody discharge.  Manganese poisoning is even more serious, as it will directly attack the brain and nervous system.  Victims of manganese poisoning can have symptoms similar to those of a stroke, or even have hallucinations![G3] 

Even in smaller quantities, these metals can be a nuisance.  They both have a very strong metallic smell, and they're also both staining.  Iron stains are orange-brown - like rust - and manganese stains are black.  In higher quantities, they can visibly tint water as well.

Get Your Well Tested

If this describes your well water, you should have it tested immediately to check for iron and manganese and, if present, at what levels.

The good news here is that both iron and manganese can be easily filtered out by Calistoga well water treatment systems.  They react well to carbon filtering and can also be removed via reverse osmosis techniques.  Even water softening tablets can eliminate smaller amounts of contamination.  However, you need to know how much contamination is there before deciding on a course of treatment, which is why testing is essential.

Protect Your Well Water with Oakville Pump Services

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