Sump Pump Installation in Calistoga - Understanding Common Contaminants That Can Be in Your Water

Whenever we're called out to perform sump pump installation in Calistoga, it's typical for our customers to ask about possible contamination in their local water.  People have been a lot more aware of problems with their water in recent years (undoubtedly fueled by the water crisis in Flint, MI) and are worried about what they might be drinking.

In truth, there are a lot of contaminants which can potentially make their way into your drinking water, and from different sources.  Here are some of the most common ones you may need filtration systems to fully eliminate.

Five Contaminants That Could Be in Your Water Supply

1. Benzene

Benzene is a byproduct of many petroleum processes, as well as by gasoline-powered cars.  It can very easily get into groundwater, although it's volatile enough that it generally evaporates on its own and becomes harmless.  If there is a source of benzene polluting your water, carbon filters can clean it.

2. Haloacetic acids

Haloacetic acids are actually a byproduct of many commonplace water treatment processes, such as those involving chlorine.  As a result, they can be a major hazard - particularly since they've been shown to be carcinogenic in large quantities.  A home water filtration system is needed to fully cleanse these from your water.

3. Hydrogen Sulfide

A byproduct of sulfur - and sharing elements of its distinctive odor - hydrogen sulfide can enter the water supply through many different vectors.  It can even be produced by some filtration processes.  Low-level amounts can be cleared with carbon filtering, but sometimes the filtration system itself needs overhauling to be safe.

4. Mercury

Mercury is a substance that's invaluable in many scientific fields but is also incredibly toxic and readily attaches itself to water.  Worse, mercury builds up in the body, so mercury poisoning can happen over a lifetime.  Strong filtration processes are needed to prevent mercury-contaminated water from being a health hazard.

5. Nickel

Like mercury, nickel has plenty of industrial and scientific uses - but that makes it a common water contaminant.  It's also extremely hazardous, and one of the most carcinogenic of metals, as well as attacking the nervous system.  Heavy-duty filtration is needed to remove nickel.

Keep Your Water Pure with Oakville Pump Service

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