How to Replace Submersible Well Pump

Many homeowners often need the services of a professional to repair or replace their well pumps. However, those who are good at DIY projects can do the job themselves. All they need is time and the right tools and equipment. But submersible well pumps are a complex piece of equipment so if you are not sure if you will be able to replace yours properly, it is best to call a well-known and reliable well pump installation company in Solano County.

Steps to Replace Submersible Water Pumps

Here are the steps to replace your submersible water pump.

  •   The first step is to shut off the breaker to the pump. Try to run water to make sure that the pump is off. Keep in mind that there could still be water pressure in the bladder. If water does not pass after 5 minutes, it means that your pump is off.

  • Locate the well head or cap and remove it with a wrench. The wrench size you use will depend on the size of the bolts holding the cap in place.

  • Next, shine a flashlight into the well head to check the connection to your house. You will either find a union or a pitless adapter. Also check if you have flex pipe or PVC pipe for the water main pipe.

  • Now gather the tools you will need – a 5’ long T-tool and a 2lb. hammer. You will also need one or two people to help you as the flex pipe could be long and hard to handle alone.

  • Fix the T-tool into the pitless adapter’s top, and then disconnect the electrical connections. You are now ready for removal.

  • Remove the pitless adapter and the T-tool from it. You can now gently begin to pull the flex pipe up. Once you have removed the well pump, you can take out the old pump. Make sure that you buy reliable and high-quality pump, and that the specifications of the old pump match the new ones.

  • When you connect a new pump, it is important to get the connections done by an electrical contractor or someone with electrical knowledge. You are now ready to install the new pump.

  • Place the pump near the hole, and move the flex pipe, ensuring that it is in a straight line to the well head. Now it is time to insert the pump into the hole, and screw it in.

  • Once you reach the pitless adapter, your T-tool will need to be installed again. Get one person to hold the adapter, and another to screw it in place.

  • The next step is to reconnect the electrical connections on top of the well. Again, if you are not sure how to do this, you should call a professional.

  • Now, check to see if you have water before you install the cap back on. If your water is running, you can go ahead and install the well cap as it means that you have successfully replaced your submersible well pump.

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