3 Ways to Troubleshoot Submersible Pumps

Do you have a private water well in your home? If so, it is important to maintain it and check it regularly for any issues. A small problem with your water well can quickly become a major one that ends up costing you a lot of money. There are certain things you can do to troubleshoot submersible water pumps. However, if you do not have experience in handling submersible pumps, it is best to consult a reliable company that offers Angwin well pump repair. You can make sure that any problems with your water well are taken care of by trained and experienced experts.

How to Troubleshoot Submersible Well Pumps

Troubleshooting submersible pumps depends on the type of problem you are having with your well. There are different types of problems that can affect your water well. The most common ones are no water at all, constantly running well pump, and pulsing water pressure.

  • If water is not running at all from your well, check to see if the switch located near the pressure tank has been switched off. This could be the cause of the problem. Next, check the double-pole circuit breaker of your well has not been tripped.  If it has, all you need to do is reset it. If the breaker trips constantly, it means that there is a problem with your well pump, and you will need to call an Angwin well pump repair professional for that.

  • If you have a pulsing water issue, you will need to check the pressure tank. Firstly, test for water at the air valve by unscrewing the plastic cover from the valve anddepress the air valve with a small screwdriver to see if water comes out. When there is pulsing water, it usually means that the tank is waterlogged. In such cases, the only solution is to replace the tank.

  • If your pump runs non-stop, it could be due to a couple of problems. When a well pump turns on, the pressure switch opens and closes, making a clicking sound. When water is not flowing, and you hear frequent clicking, it means that there is a problem outside the house. This requires the services of a professional.  It could be that the water line from the well to the house is broken. It could also be due to a problem with the check valve above the submersible pump or a bad connector, leaving the casing of the well, or even a broken water line inside the casing. No matter what is causing your pump to run non-stop, you will need to call a professional.

When it comes to repairing your water well or the submersible pump, it is best to let professionals handle the job. For the best Angwin well pump repair services, look no further than Oakville Pump Service. Our experienced plumbers will diagnose and fix your well pump in record time. Call us today at (707) 944-2471.