What You Need to Know About Your Napa Well Pump

Your home may depend on a water well pump to supply you and your family with fresh and clean water. There are some things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to your well pump. Our Oakville Pump Service team, who provide well pump repair service in Napa, highlight what you should know about well pumps.

Size is Important

A pump that's too small may not be providing your home with the amount of water that's necessary. You may think that your Napa home needs well pump repair, but actually, you just need a larger pump. To determine the correct size of a pump, you'll need tell us the square footage of your home along with the number of toilets, sinks, and other fixtures that require water. Having too small of a water pump can result in problems with water pressure in your home.

Considering Your Water Level

Another potential problem with your water well pump is the depth of the water table that’s on your property. Centrifugal pumps are less expensive than submersible pumps, but the problem is that they can only bring up water from about 25 feet. If your water level is deeper than 25 feet, a centrifugal pump cannot access it. In this situation, a submersible pump is going to offer better benefits for your home’s water needs. Knowing the depth can help you in making the right decision on which pump you need to purchase from the start.

Repairing Your Water Well Pump

The last thing that most people don’t realize about their water well pump is that when it comes to water well pump repair in Napa, you need to employ an expert. These can be complicated pieces of machinery, and often, when something goes wrong, homeowners try to contact their local plumber. However, an expert that specializes in water well pump repair is the better bet for getting the correct fix. Diagnostics and repairs are more likely to be found efficiently and efficiently when relying on a company that works exclusively for well water pumps.

Are you ready for the installation or a well pump repair in Napa? Contact Oakville Pump Service today to learn more about our services. Let our team help you to have a reliable source of clean water to your home without any issues.